Appliance Tips for a Kitchen Remodel

Buying new appliances for a kitchen remodel is a task that requires thought, planning, and budgeted finances before making the purchase. Stephen Erb, manager at Appliance Gallery, provides professional advice on what to consider before buying new appliances.

“Before starting, have a clear vision of what you want your kitchen to look like, identify your goals and priorities, and have a set budget,” said Stephen. “Once you know exactly what you want, it’ll be easier to narrow down your choices.

Refrigerators: Refrigerators vary greatly depending on the style, brand, and model. The three main types of refrigerators are side-by-side, top-mounted freezer, and bottom-mounted freezer. “There are also are variety of features, such as through-the-door filtered water and ice, adjustable and spill-proof shelves, and fruit and vegetable crisper bins,” said Stephen.

Ranges: The different models of ranges are slide-in, drop-in, and freestanding. Slide-in and drop-in have unfinished sides, meaning they need to be surrounded by cabinetry, whereas freestanding can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. There is also the option of gas-powered versus electric, which is usually determined by your home. “If you have the option, dual-fuel provides the best of both worlds,” Stephen said, “it combines the power and speed of a gas cooktop with the precision and consistency of an electric oven.”

Wall Oven: Wall ovens come in a width of 30-inches but can vary with different models, making it wise to stick with the same brand if you’re swapping one out for another. Wall ovens are predominantly electric, so there’s a smaller selection for gas users. “Many people opt to install a double wall oven to make up for the fact that they’re slightly smaller than a range oven,” said Stephen. “You also have the option of bigger viewing windows, convection cooking, temperature probes to alert you when your meat is done.”

Ventilation Hoods: Ducted vent hoods are the best for removing unwanted elements of smoke, odor, humidity, and heat. It’s important for the hood to match your range. “A properly sized hood covers the full width of the range and at least half of the front burners,” he said. There is also the decision of under-cabinet, wall-mounted chimney, ceiling-mounted chimney, or custom built-in.

Dishwashers: There have been numerous advancements in the dishwasher world, including larger interiors, adjustable racks, and quieter models. “Several models have additional options when it comes to wash cycles, such as ultra-quick, top-rack-only, and even a sani-wash cycle that heats the water to sanitizing temperatures,” Stephen said. “Some new models also have soil sensors that can monitor the levels of particulate in the wash water, allowing the dishwasher to know when the dishes are clean.

“As with any type of home remodel, it is crucial to discuss your desires and budget before making any decisions.” Stephen also encourages homeowners to take precise measurements before entering the store so professionals, such as those that are found at Appliance Gallery, can help consumers select appliances that will be the best fit for their kitchen.

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